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Release Date: September 18th 2013
Goodreads Blurb:
Mercedes Cruz is a Bruja--or Witch, in Spanish. Just like many first generation sons and daughters of immigrant parents, Mercy has embraced America, its culture, and its customs in their entirety. But Brujeria or Mexican Witchcraft is deeply tied with Mercy's heritage and her family's past, and because she's neglected such a large chunk of her identity, Mercy now stands a stunted witch in her 30's.

Mercy, also a single mother of five year old Terra, who may also share her attributes, has decided to start her own private investigation firm in the heart of Orange County, California. She's decided to use her budding talents to recruit business, solve challenging cases, and help those in the community who lack a voice and who may be too afraid to report crimes due to their legal status --leaving criminals to freely exploit those who choose to live in the shadows.

This is a pretty darn good book. I was really impressed with the fact that it's two authors that teamed up together to write this. Usually in author team-ups I've found that there's a big style switch. There is no such problem in this book. The writing style flowed well and frankly I couldn't tell a difference between who was writing what, which I consider a very good thing because it doesn't take away from the story. I did find some things a little rushed, but most everything was explained well or will (hopefully) be explained in book two. 
I'm also impressed with the topic they chose to tackle; Mexican immigrants in America. While I'm unsure how accurate the book is in this area, I felt like the topic was treated with respect and integrity. The book made me very interested in the topic and I'm now finding ways to learn about it thanks to this book.

As for the story itself, I found Mercy to be an easy heroine to root for. She's tough, a single mom with a secret, and she's really trying to be the best parent she can be while providing for herself and her daughter. Even though she's tough, she still has vulnerabilities and more than once her stubbornness gets her into trouble. She's looking for a way to help her daughter control her magic, while seemingly unable to control her own. I found the mother daughter relationship in the book to be very interesting and to me it added a good bit of depth to Mercy's character. I really liked the variety of relationships that Mercy had throughout. Some were of the romantic type, some were friends and family, and best of all each relationship was well timed and place. I didn't feel like anything was needless in regards to relationships. 

Another thing I really liked about this book was the magic element. This was not one of those books where magic is mentioned once in the title and then a couple of times in the first few chapters. Magic and the ability (or inability) to control it is a very central part of the book, and it comes off as very realistic. I'm certainly looking forward to the second book in the series because of this. I got pretty darn attached to Mercy and her friends and I look forward to seeing where her adventures will take her next!

About the Author:

P.J. Day is the author of the King's Blood series, and the Sunset Prophecy. He lives with the two of the most extroverted daughters on planet earth, along with a feral house cat that has been mistaken for a mountain lion, and a wonderful wife who understands her husband's need to put his ramblings in print. Southern California serves as the backdrop for his inspiration and indignation.

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